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DIOStand Up and Shout(Holy Diver, 1983)
DIOHoly Diver(Holy Diver, 1983)
DIORainbow in the Dark(Holy Diver, 1983)
HALFORDResurrection(Resurrection, 2000)
HALFORDMade in Hell(Resurrection, 2000)
MANOWARWheels of Fire(Kings of Metal, 1988)
MANOWARKings of Metal(Kings of Metal, 1988)
MANOWARKingdom Come(Kings of Metal, 1988)
PANTERAStrength Beyond Strength(Far Beyond Driven, 1994)
PANTERA5 Minutes Alone(Far Beyond Driven, 1994)
PANTERAI'm Broken(Far Beyond Driven, 1994)
STEPPENWOLFBorn to Be Wild(Steppenwolf, 1968)

Infinite Dreams - Iron Maiden

Infinite Dreams Sueños Infinitos Infinite dreams, I can't deny them. Infinity is hard to comprehend. I couldn't hear those screams e...