Steve Harris

Fear of the Dark

Miedo a la Oscuridad

I am a man who walks alone,
and when I'm walking a dark road
at night or strolling through the park,
when the light begins to change,
I sometimes feel a little strange,
a little anxious when it's dark.
>Soy un hombre que voy solo,
>y cuando marcho por un camino oscuro
>de noche o deambulo por el parque,
>cuando la luz empieza a cambiar,
>a veces me siento un poco extraño,
>un poco inquieto cuando está oscuro.
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark.
I have constant fear that something's always near.
Fear of the dark, fear of the dark.
I have a phobia that someone's always there.
>Miedo a la oscuridad, miedo a la oscuridad.
>Temo constantemente que haya algo siempre cerca.
>Miedo a la oscuridad, miedo a la oscuridad.
>Tengo la fobia de que siempre hay alguien ahí.
Have you run your fingers down the wall
and have you felt your neck skin crawl
when you're searching for the light?
Sometimes, when you're scared to take a look
at the corner of the room,
you've sensed that something's watching you.
>¿Has pasado tus dedos por la pared
>y has sentido la piel de tu cuello erizarse
>cuando buscas la luz?
>A veces, cuando te da pavor ojear
>la esquina del cuarto,
>has sentido que algo te está mirando.
Have you ever been alone at night,
thought you heard footsteps behind
and turned around and no-one's there?
And as you quicken up your pace
you find it hard to look again,
because you're sure there's someone there.
>¿Has estado solo por la noche,
>has pensado que oías pasos tras de ti
>y te has dado la vuelta y no había nadie?
>Y conforme aligeras el paso
>te cuesta volver a mirar,
>porque estás seguro de que hay alguien ahí.
Watching horror films the night before,
debating witches and folklore,
the unknown troubles on your mind.
Maybe your mind is playing tricks
You sense and suddenly eyes fix
on dancing shadows from behind.
>Viste películas de terror la anterior noche,
>conversaste sobre brujas y folklore,
>los problemas desconocidos de tu mente.
>Quizás tu mente está engañándote.
>Intuyes y repentinamente tus ojos se fijan
>en sombras danzantes de detrás.
Repeat chorusAl estribillo
When I'm walking a dark road
I am a man who walks alone.
>Cuando marcho por un camino oscuro
>soy un hombre que voy solo.


  1. Fear of the Dark” fue el último disco que grabó Bruce Dickinson con Iron Maiden en los 90. Las cosas no marchaban muy bien en el seno de la banda, a pesar de haber grabado un disco tan sensacional.

  2. La revista Kerrang! sacó a relucir en una entrevista con el cantante Bruce Dickinson una cita de la biografía de Iron Maiden "Run To The Hills" en la cual Steve Harris declaró que Bruce "puso muy poco de sí" en la gira de Fear of the Dark. La respuesta de Bruce fue la siguiente:

    “I’ve got my version of events and he’s got his. It all comes down to how you see the world. For Steve, Maiden’s more important than anything. To me, there are some things that are more important than the band I’m in. I didn’t know it was going to be that much of a big deal when I left, but as soon as I walked out onstage and looked at the audience I thought ‘Sh**! If I run around grinning like a fool, the audience is going to think, “What a wanker! If he’s so happy, why is he leaving?”.’ And if I wander around looking miserable as sin, they’ll wonder why they paid £20 for a ticket to see this tosser. I was stuffed. Some nights the audience was hostile. It was like doing a gig at a wake! Some nights I enjoyed it, but on others I was thinking, ‘I wish I wasn’t here!’. The moment I left Maiden I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t believe in ever again. Steve and myself always used to clash. He wanted to fire me after the first month of the ‘Number of the Beast’ tour – because I kept getting in his way onstage! I had an extra six inches added to the base of my microphone stand so I could trip the bastard up! I got fed up of him standing in front of me when I was singing. I got all these chips in my teeth where he used to elbow me. After a gig in Newcastle in ’82 we were going to go outside, sleeves rolled up. But we learned to live with each other. And if Steve hadn’t had that personality, Maiden would never have existed.”